Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Midnight Launch

So Madden released last night and i was at my store for about 12 hours last night so that about 45 people could come and pick up the game, question is was it worth mine and everyone elses time.

At my store seeing as how we went through 45 copies of the game I would say yes, but I overheard my DM talking and some other stores had maybe 4 show I can't see the use in this and we do it time and time again, well I should say I couldn't see the use in thsi before but if anyone saw the Wal-Mart commercial for madden they knew it was going to be available at midnight and where they could pick it up thus all of our stores had to be opened to try and combat it, tbh gamestop really dropped the ball this is awsome check it out

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Naterock said...

ude I was just thinking about that commercial while reading this. So hilarious!