Sunday, August 10, 2008

Here Goes

Well here I go, I've never been a blogger before but I have always wanted to give it a shot. Alot has happened in the last few weeks, I got a promotion at work and not im trying to decide if I should move to Mt Vernon or not. There are alot of things that say I should and being its only 27 miles out of Springfield it doesn't really make that huge of a diffrence, but there are alot of nagging questions about where im gonna be in the near future and if its worth it at all to move out of Springfield.
A good friend of mine asked me just a min. ago "why can't anything be easy" and with all thats gone on its extremly clear that nothing is, but really would life be much fun if it was not that way? What if you always had the answer, What if there was nothing you ever had to want, I think these things that all of us go through make us stronger, better people. I know every one of my friends have had hard times, times when it seems nothing will ever go right and when they needed help and the fact that all of us have been in that situation and helped someone that was we are all very close.
This was my 1st stab at this and i hope if you read it i didnt completely bore you to death I'll be back with other things I have to learn how this is all suppose to be done.

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Naterock said...

congrats on your blog! I hope that there is some fruity pebbles in there.