Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Times

Man there has been so much going on lately! My best friends are having a baby and I mean soon! She is like a week or two out and I couldn't be more excited. They are going to be great parents and I can't wait to see that little girl for the 1st time, she will have so many people around her to love and care for her and will have 2 of the most wonderful parents in the world! Nate (one of the above mentioned and my best friend) has had a very busy time lately, his sister as well as his wife was pregnant at the same time and his sister just had her little boy this past week, Jude was born under the full moon this past weekend that seems to bring so many babies, so a huge congratz to Rachel and Justin.

Other than that in my own life we had to push back the wedding a bit due to my fiance's car dying and me being sick of messing with the damn thing and taking her into Springfield to buy a new one, best part about this was she was able to do it totally on her own! No co-signer no help from anyone, she picked it did all the paperwork and drove it off the lot all on her own. We are very happy to have 2 cars that run well and I am happy not to have to worry about her when she is driving to Springfield every day. Anyway the wedding was moved to next sept. we have not nailed down a day just yet but we will be getting to that very soon!

Jasper (my puppy I found on the side of the hwy) has come around from the little guy he was to a 25 pound horse with an endless supply of energy, but he is learning quicker than I thought he would at 1st and is starting to grown into a very good dog :). I don't have alot else but hopefully I'll be back to do this again before a year from now, hell I would be happy with once a month!