Monday, August 18, 2008


Is there any real way to get around the fact that moving sucks? Sure getting a new house is awsome amd there are plenty on things about the old one you don't like, but man packing and getting it all moved is just not cool. I'm really exited to get it all unpacked and get in the new house, figureing out where everything goes and buying stuff for the new house are always really cool, so really I suppose its only the begginging that sucks I tend to like the rest of it.

Speaking of moving, Michal Phelps?!?! Really? 8 gold medals 7 world records and an olympic record. Even if you don't call him the greatest althlete in the world (which he most likely is) you have to put him in the conversation with Tiger and Federer. Master of his craft.

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Naterock said...

I think you have a gay man crush on that man. I know I do.